After Hours

Dr. Olsen and Dr. Galloway are part of the Harvester Rd Family Health Organization


The Harvester Rd Family Health Organization has seven Doctors and provides After Hours Care in three offices in Burlington. We would appreciate if patients could schedule their appointments, however, walk-ins are welcome on the first come first served basis. Each of the Doctors sees each other’s patients during these after hours clinics. Locations of these clinics will vary between different offices.

Please call (905) 635-2344 for these locations each day.


Please do not use any after hours clinics, unless it is one of the clinics that we are associated with. Why?

  1. Use of our clinics ensures we get information about that visit immediately and improves the continuity of care.

  2. It decreases health care costs.

  3. For every visit at a clinic not associated with us, Dr. Galloway and Dr. Olsen have their salary from OHIP reduced by the cost of the other doctor’s visit.


Locations of these clinics will vary between the following offices:
  • Waterview Medical Clinic

464 Locust St. (map)
Dr. Galloway, Dr. Olsen


  • Harvester Rd Medical Clinic

3155 Harvester Rd (map)
Dr. Powers, Dr. Liberatore – Suite 402
Dr. Nayar – Suite 201


  • Tansley Woods Medical Clinic (in the Retirement/Nursing Home)

4100 Upper Middle Rd (map)
Dr. Jerome


  • St Josephs Medical Clinic

906 Brant St 2nd Floor (map)
Dr. Hersi


Please note the office is closed on Sundays and Statutory Holidays.
For Non-Urgent After Hours Medical Advise please call Telephone Health Advisory Service at 1-866-553-7205