March 19, 2020

Dear Patients,


Due to efforts to contain COVID-19 infections (Coronavirus), we are making the following changes to upcoming appointments until further notice:

-Most appointments will be over the telephone and/or video consult.
-Prescheduled appointments will change to a phone appointment and your doctor will try to call you as close as possible to the scheduled time.
 Cancellation of most elective “check-up” appointments.
-Please call the office if you are due for any urgent specific tests, and we can email requisitions to you
– We recommend that you please postpone any non-urgent appointments and tests to reduce your exposure risk

Please call the office for a telephone appointment regarding:
– medication review
– new urgent concerns
– Diabetes follow up
– Other chronic condition follow up
– review of test results
– arranging screening tests for postponed check ups

After a telephone consultation, if your doctor thinks it is important that you be seen in person, then she will advise accordingly. Or there will possibly be a video consultation.

Possible in-person visits:
– well baby visits/vaccinations at pre-booked times.
-other visits: only AFTER physician phone consultation to determine need

To keep everyone safe who attends office visits, please be aware that we are spacing patients in our waiting room, and continuing to disinfect common areas and exam rooms using hospital-grade disinfectants.

Minimizing Risk of Exposure to all: Please DO NOT come to the office without calling first.
– do not come to the office without first having a physician telephone consultation and approval to come see your doctor
– do not come to the office with any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, symptoms such as fever/cough/shortness of breath

Under usual circumstances, as your family physicians, we would be pleased to see you in the office if you are sick and coughing. However, given the current pandemic, we must be very strict on who can be seen in the office for the safety of all patients and staff.
We are unable to do COVID-19 testing in our office – we do not have the equipment to do so. Do not try to come here for testing.
If a sick patient comes into our office and subsequently tests positive for COVID-19, our clinic would be exposed and need to shut down for 14 days. We are striving to avoid this situation so we can remain available to our patients throughout the pandemic.

New COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Centres:
If you think that you might have the coronavirus, it is critical that you call TELEHEALTH ONTARIO 1-866-553-7205 to be screened and verify if you should attend an assessment center or self-isolate at home for 14 days.

For after hours medical care, as before please call: 905-635-2344

Please be aware that most after hour clinics will also now be telephone and/or video consultations and not in person visits, until further notice.

Protect yourself, Protect our community!
The precautions being put in place across our communities are critical. While COVID-19 does not likely pose a direct risk to most patients individually, if we all practice “social distancing” we can help to “flatten the curve” and minimize the extent to which our most vulnerable will be affected and reduce how much the health care system will be overburdened.

Thank you to all of our patients for your trust, support, and understanding during these challenging times.


Dr. Galloway and Dr. Olsen