The following uninsured services are not covered by OHIP

Rx renewal by phone/FAX $25
Return to work/school/daycare notes $20
Sick notes $20
TB skin test (1-step) for work/volunteering $40
Pap test (if not covered by OHIP) $40
Benign skin lesions removal $30-100
Medical examination requested by employer / MOT requiring physical exam $150
 Medical examination requested by police/armed forces requiring physical exam $150
 Camp/fitness club/work/school forms (no physical exam) $35
 Uninsured vaccine (travel) $25
 Photocopying $1 per page
 Out of pocket disbursements (express/Canada post) At cost
 Physician’s review of records hourly rate
 Revenue Canada, Federal Disability Tax Credit $75
 Attending physician statement $150
 Insurance certificate OCF-3, OCF-18, OCF-19 $150
 Travel advise without immunization $35
 Travel advise with 1 immunization $50
Employment insurance certificate $25
 Maternity certificate $25
Jury Duty letter $20
 Massage therapy / orthotics $20
 Travel cancellation forms $30
 Auto accident insurance forms $125
 Children’s aid forms $45
 Forms required for volunteer work $20

Missed appointments

Missed 15 min appointment $30
Missed 30 min appointment $60


Zostavax $220
Gardasil $210
Bexsero $130