After Hours

Dr. Olsen and Dr. Galloway are part of the Harvester Rd Family Health Organization

The Harvester Rd Family Health Organization has thirteen doctors and provides After Hours Care in four offices in Burlington. Each of the doctors sees each other’s patients during these after hours clinics or is on call for the group. Locations of these clinics will vary between different offices.

Our daily after hours clinics are for immediate medical concerns only. You must call first to receive an appointment with the doctor (please have your health card ready), DO NOT WALK IN.  You may be offered a phone, virtual or office visit. You must bring a face covering or mask and only an essential care-giver will be permitted to accompany a patient. For information on where the After Hours Clinics is located each day, please call 905-635-2344.

Why is it important to use only the After Hour Clinics associated with the Harvester Rd FHO?

  1. It ensures we receive the information about your after hours visit immediately to ensure the continuity of your health care.  Other clinics will not send the consultation note from your visit without an authorized consent form being signed, which may require to return to their clinic to complete.
  2. It decreases health care costs and resources by reducing duplication of services
  3. For every visit at a clinic not associated, Dr. Galloway and Dr. Olsen have their salary from OHIP reduced by the cost of the other doctor’s visit.

Locations of these clinics will vary between the following offices:

Dr. Galloway

Dr. Olsen

Waterview Medical Centre  (map)

464 Locust Street

Burlington, ON

(289) 245-1071
Dr. Chemparathy

Dr. Sabera Ahmed

Dr. Sadaf Ahmed

Harvester Road Medical Clinic  (map)

3155 Harvester Road, Suite 409

Burlington, ON

(905) 632-3000
Dr. Nayar Harvester Road Medical Clinic  (map)

3155 Harvester Road, Suite 402

Burlington, ON

(905) 632-4640
Dr. Jerome Fairview Medical Clinic 1 (map)

2319 Fairview Street, Suite 602

Burlington, ON

(905) 635-3632
Dr. Hersi St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic  (map)

906 Brant Street, 2nd Floor

Burlington, ON

(905) 631-8898
Dr. Piskozub

Dr. Cymerys

Dr. Sedykh

Fairview Medical Clinic 2 (map)

2200 Fairview Street, Suite 102

Burlington, ON

(905) 333-0116
Dr. Krantz Fairview Medical Clinic 2 (map)

2200 Fairview Street, Suite 203

Burlington, ON

(905) 637-0852
Dr. Turliuk 4052 New Street  (map)

Burlington, ON

(905) 637-2323

Please note the office is closed Friday-Sunday (unless running After Hours Clinic) and Statutory Holidays.

Additionally, non-urgent health advice from registered nurses 24/7 through Health Connect Ontario by dialing 811 (1-866-707-0007) or online chat at